Download TurboTax with license code – TurboTax login

Finding tax return preparation a tedious task? So here is best software for you: TurboTax.

Turbotax is available in both forms- online as well as software form. It offers audit support, option to change return and assisstance of experts who are there to guide you. Simply, Download turbotax with license code and answer some of the questions to do your taxes with ease. Besides, you can get experts support for a year-long duration based on the product you chose. Moreover, you can do you taxes on your own or get it done for you by choosing other turbotax product.

What are steps involved in turbotax account creation?

Start your turbo tax journey by registering in it:

  1. First go to website.
  2. Then, simply enter the email address you required to create account with.
  3. Confirm the email that you entered.
  4. Now, enter your phone number in the box that appears.
  5. Then, enter password and secure your account by entering a stronger one.
  6. Eventually, choose “Create account” and here completes the registration process.

How can I download turbotax with license code?

Below are mentioned steps to download turbotax with license code after you purchased TurboTax CD/Download:

  1. Head on to “download turbotax with license code” website.
  2. Now, it will ask you to sign-in. Use the user id and password you used while creating account.
  3. Then land to “Downloads” tab.
  4. Further, select the turbotax version you require.
  5. Save the turbotax software on your PC at desired location.

How to install turbotax with license code?

  1. Find the downloaded file on the location you saved.
  2. Next, double-click downloaded file.
  3. Further, installer is getting launched.
  4. After installation completes launch turbotax.
  5. Now, go to “Your product is installed” screen.
  6. Then you see “let’s activate it” option on next screen, click it.
  7. Then, “Enter License Code window” appears.
  8. Enter the license code you received.
  9. Then, follow on-screen promts lastly.

How to install TurboTax CD?

First you need to put TurboTax CD into drive of computer. Then wait for first screen to appear after 4 minutes.
If the screen doesn’t appear then proceed with given steps:

  1. Open Run window, Press “Windows+R”.
  2. Choose “Browse”, then search your TurboTax CD on
  3. Further, install the turbotax software by double-clicking setup.exe file.
  4. This wiill lead you to “Your product is installed” screen, then tap “let’s activate it”.
  5. A license code box appears, put in the license code.
  6. Complete installation by clicking “Continue”.